Focusing on work on a Sunday morning

The wonderful relaxing vibe of Sundays – I love it!

I find I am the most productive on the weekends. Although, I do my best to Pump Out these sites with the same dedication and sense of urgency regardless of the weekday.

This Sunday was extra productive!

I am getting sooo many things done! Not just Work Wise but house wise. My husband spent the day pampering me in between my sessions at the computer and I managed to tidy up the house, finish all of our Laundry and feed our three cats Larry, Gary and Simon!

I got to spend time with my best friend Julian, and decided to go for a walk through the meadow.

During my time in the meadow a beautiful butterfly landed on my shoulder and tickled my face with her wings. I smiled at her and although she didn’t smile back – I felt her cheerfulness in my heart.

I hope your Sunday is going just as well.

Here’s to more Sundays like this one!

Focusing on work on a Sunday morning
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